SEGA premiered a trailer at this year’s Game Awards announcing reboots of many of its classic non-Sonic franchises.

The clip confirms that new interpretations of “Jet Set Radio,” “Shinobi,” “Crazy Taxi,” “Golden Axe” and “Streets of Rage” are all on the way – and that’s just the start.

The new initiative plans to “revive a number of IPs as all-new video games, developed for today’s audiences”. Footage from the games, which are still in development, can be seen.

Beyond the five titles, additional projects are currently being evaluated and have not yet been greenlit. It’s estimated it’ll be a good two years before the earliest of these reboots arrive on platforms.

The reveal comes as film adaptations of both “Shinobi” and “Streets of Rage” are in the works. Sega COO Shuji Utsumi tells Variety:

“Sonic is definitely a blueprint for us. First, we really want to create the games and appeal to the gamers. The game is first. However, if we are creating the world and the characters that gamers love, that means if filmmakers love that kind of direction, [that can inspire] the movies. So, why not?”

The news comes as a third “Sonic” film is currently slated for December 20th 2024 and will bring Shadow to the franchise.

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