Four separate companies are in the mix for Warner Bros. Pictures’ scrapped “Coyote vs. Acme” film according to a new report at Deadline.

The studio abruptly shelved the completed project last month for a $30 million tax write-off, suffering a major backlash both online and amongst the film community for that decision.

Within days, they changed course with the filmmakers allowed to shop around the $70 million-budgeted live-action/CG animation hybrid feature to other potential distributors.

Cut to several weeks later and Netflix, Paramount Pictures and Amazon are all in the mix for the project, according to the new report. They add Warners is “playing hardball” and wants the entire $70 million production budget and more covered.

The trade indicates Amazon is considering but has made no formal bids as yet, whilst Sony Pictures and Apple aren’t making bids. The two that have made bids are Netflix and Paramount Pictures with the latter offering a potential theatrical release.

In the movie, Looney Tunes character Wile E. Coyote hires an unlucky human attorney to sue the ACME Corporation for defective product injury after so many of their products have backfired on him over the years in his pursuit of the Road Runner.

The project completed principal photography last year in New Mexico and starred Will Forte as the attorney and John Cena as the head of ACME. DC Studios co-head James Gunn produced the feature whilst “Earth to Echo” helmer Dave Green directed from a script by Jon and Josh Silberman.

Source: Deadline

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