The new “Scott PIlgrim Takes Off” anime series launched yesterday on Netflix and managed to rack up a perfect score of 100% (8.3/10) on Rotten Tomatoes with 33 reviews counted. On Metacritic it’s charting a very strong 85/100 with critics.

The series serves as a new animated adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novels in which Scott Pilgrim meets Ramona Flowers and must defeat her seven exes if he wants to date her.

Blending the best elements of both the comics and Edgar Wright’s 2010 live-action film adaptation, the eight-episode American-Canadian-Japanese anime series expands the narrative along with bringing back the entire cast to provide the voices.

Reviews have highly praised much of the show, the few criticisms levelled at the story and some changes to scenes. Here’s a sampling of review quotes:

“‘Takes Off’ successfully combines the innovative style and comic charm of its predecessors with a new spin that corrects for the tropes we can now see with hindsight.” – Alison Herman, Variety

“Insane fights, sparkling animation and a fresh look at an old story — Scott Pilgrim was born to be an anime hero. What a level-up.” – John Nugent, Empire

“The troubles with the anime really begin and end with its story — but it feels wrong to criticize something that’s otherwise a total blast to experience.” – Lyvie Scott, Inverse

“O’Malley and his collaborators have taken care to create something that does not overwrite the originals but cleverly coexists with them.” – Graeme Virtue, The Guardian

“Even with the core cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World along for the ride, it’s no mere exercise in nostalgia, but a fresh coat of paint on a versatile coming-of-age story.” – Erik Adams, IGN

“Scott Pilgrim Takes Off takes the long road to get to some of its most affecting moments, and it’s not always a smooth one. But it’s full of laughs, brightly sketched gags, and great character work to make things go down easier.” – William Hughes, AV Club

The voice cast includes Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Scott and Ramona, to Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Brandon Routh, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Simmons, Mae Whitman, Ellen Wong, Johnny Simmons, Alison Pill, Mark Webber, Julian Cihi and more

Acclaimed anime studio Science SARU did the animation for the series. “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” is now available on Netflix.

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