Life for the players of the American Samoan soccer team hit an all-time
low in 2001 when they were beaten 31-0  in a FIFA Match.

As bad as things were for the team, coach Thomas Rogen (Michael Fassbender), is dealing with the loss of his job and his wife, who also sits on the very panel with her new partner that has given him no choice but to take on the task of turning around the American Samoan team.

With no career options left; Rogen travels to the island and struggles
with their ways and drinks his time away while attempting to coach a team he sees as an epic disaster.

In the film “Next Goal Wins”, Director and co-Writer Taika Waititi tells
the story of the team known for their epic loss and for fielding a Trans-Gender player named Jaiyah (Kaimana).

While the team continues to fail to impress at every level and desperate
to leave and go home;

Rogen slowly comes around and pushes the team to believe in themselves and attempts to recruit players from the past as
well as other talent to support his existing roster.

The fact that they have a pending match in a few weeks time and that the expectations of local officials are for a goal;

the first in team history
to be scored in a match; they are facing an uphill battle where time is
not an ally.

As anyone who has seen a sports film can guess; the big match arrives and
heartwarming moments arrive, in and after the game.

The focus is less on the game but rather the road to it and how the dedication of the team and coach managed to move the team forward to the point where they are no longer the worst ranked team in competition and above all believe that they can meet any challenge as a team and that there are many
interpretations of winning.

If you want a funny and feel-good story;

then this is one movie you will not want to miss.

4 stars out of 5

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