With the SAG-AFTRA strike over, many TV productions are racing to start up production again, and that includes “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”.

The show was originally set to begin filming its third season on May 2nd but the writer’s strike kicked off the day before and hit the pause button.

Production was halted, and for half a year, it had laid fairly dormant with a “rotating plan” in place so they could quickly begin filming again when the strikes were over.

With both strikes now over, things are quickly ramping up at the show’s production base in Toronto. TrekMovie.com reports that pre-production on the series just restarted this week with filming slated to begin on December 11th and run through July 2024 according to a DGC listing.

Much of the pre-production work for the series had already been completed by May, including the various visual effects for the AR Walls (StageCraft).

Previous seasons saw a 15-month gap between the start of production and the show’s season premiere airing, which would suggest an early 2025 debut.

However the site theorises the season could be split in half which would allow the first half to air by late 2024. Such a splitting of seasons is expected to be a fairly common practice next year among streamers trying to fill their content schedule holes.

The new season sees Martin Quinn join the cast as Montgomery Scott after guest starring in the role in the second season finale.

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