Following a brief tease back in February, Netflix and The Pokemon Company have now premiered the full trailer for the new original stop-motion animated series “Pokemon Concierge”.

Produced by Dwarf Animation Studio (“Rilakkuma and Kaoru”), “Pokemon Concierge” uses stop-motion animation techniques to tell an array of new original stories, inspired by the comics, anime, and fan contributions to the Pokemon series.

The series will follow a young girl named Haru who works at a resort on a southern island. She gradually discovers herself as she and her fellow staff members scramble to attend to the various Pokemon guests.

The series moves away from the action/adventure tone of other “Pokemon” screen adaptations. The show is directed by Iku Ogawa, written by Harumi Doki and has character design and concept art by Tadahiro Uesugi.

Mariya Takeuchi sings the show’s theme song “Have a Good Time Here”. “Pokemon Concierge” will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, December 28th.

The trailer premiere comes as a sequel to the live-action/CG animation hybrid “Detective Pikachu” is in development with Ryan Reynolds expected to reprise his voice role and Jonathan Krisel to direct.

The “Pokemon” franchise has sold more than 440 million video games sold worldwide along with tens of billions of Pokemon TCG cards shipped, and an animated series spanning 25 seasons.

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