We know Marvel Studios’ upcoming “The Marvels” film will perform considerably below its predecessor, by how much though is going to be the big question going into this weekend.

Late last month, tracking projections for the team-up film suggested a $75-80 million opening weekend on November 10th – around 50% that of the debut of “Captain Marvel” in 2019.

Now though suggestions are it could come in under that, and potentially lower than the underwhelming $71.2 million opening of “Eternals” back in 2021.

According to Deadline, pre-sales for “The Marvels” are pacing behind that of “Black Adam” and “The Flash” – movies that opened to $67 million and $55 million respectively.

Part of the problem is the actor’s aren’t able to promote the film whilst the strike is ongoing. It could also be a lack of interest in the characters and marketing material thus far, along with audience fatigue and/or apathy towards post-Endgame Marvel films.

Reviews for the title have yet to be released for what’s the shortest Marvel Studios movie to date.

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