A new report has gone up via industry scooper Daniel Richtman that indicates a film adaptation of FromSoftware and Sony PlayStation game “Bloodborne” is in the works at Sony Pictures.

The report at DanielRPK (via ComicBook.com) indicates producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and writer Darren Lemke (“Shazam,” “The Wheel of Time”) are attached, but no director is mentioned.

The story unfolds in the decaying Gothic, Victorian-era-inspired city of Yharnam. The Yharnamites residents are afflicted with a disease that transforms them into horrific beasts. Attempting to find the source of the plague, Hunter must unravel the city’s mysteries while fighting beasts and cosmic beings.

The original 2015 action RPG title hails from “Dark Souls” and “Elden Ring” creators FromSoftware, one of two titles that has remained exclusive to the PlayStation ecosystem (the other being “Demon’s Souls”) much to the frustration of the PC Master Race.

Considered one of the greatest video games ever made in some circles, the game sold over two million copies worldwide in its first year and won numerous awards along with scoring a stellar 92/100 on Metacritic.

PlayStation has done nothing with the property since the PS4 release back in 2015, so the report here is out of the blue. Reports emerged late last Summer that Sony had acquired a 14.1% share of FromSoftware to help develop and expand its IP with franchise plans beyond video games.

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