“Fast X ” was big, too big in fact as a new report at The InSneider suggests Universal Pictures is going back to basics with the franchise.

The outlet indicates the studio is aiming to go “lean and mean” with the eleventh film in the series in an attempt to rein in the spending that saw the production budget of “Fast X” inflate to a jaw-dropping $340 million.

Sneider’s source indicates the plan is for “Fast 11” to have a budget of “$200 million or less” with the plan to involve less globe-hopping and more centered around a single major heist or race.

The source adds that Vin Diesel will be back in what will likely be his character’s “one last rise” film which counters previous talk of their being a potential twelfth film.

They also suggest if this is the final outing, Universal may not have Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes as the primary villain with the focus to go on a new one.

“Fast X” ended on a cliffhanger with the fate of multiple characters in question. However the film’s underperfomance, pulling in $714.6 million worldwide on that budget, has Universal understandably anxious about greenlighting more without some austerity measures in place.

At present the film is still targeting an April 4th 2025 release.

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