More talks are set for this weekend between the actors guild and the AMPTP in an effort to end the actor’s strike which is currently in its 113th day.

A new proposal from the studios was delivered to the guild tonight and precedes further negotiations this weekend. Studio CEOs are expected to be in attendance after sitting out the past week.

Though there’s hope this could mean a tentative agreement being reached within the next few days, SAG-AFTRA will review the latest proposal before heading back to the bargaining table.

The two sides have been in the midst of renewed talks for the past week-and-a-half.

The studios are reportedly on a tight deadline for a deal to save the rest of the TV season and the 2024 film schedule, with a sense of urgency pervading.

It’s hoped that if a deal can be reached shortly that would permit work to begin again in either December or January. Then 10-13 episode network seasons could still be produced in time to air before the end of the season in late May.

Source: Deadline

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