Whilst the first two “Dead Space” space games were critically acclaimed sci-fi survival horror masterpieces, the infamous third was far less well-regarded.

This mainly came down to major changes in tone and gameplay, turning the title towards more of an action-centric bent and stuffing the game full of microtransactions. It was bad enough that it sank the entire franchise.

Earlier this year, “Dead Space” came back to life with the full-blown remake of the first game hitting in January to much acclaim and strong sales. This has led to talk of similar remakes of the second and third games.

Many are hoping if the third game does get remade, those involved will use the chance to massively overhaul the title and bring it more inline with the first two. That includes “Dead Space 3” story producer Chuck Beaver who tells CaptainBribo (via PCGamesN) that’s how it should be done:

“Now in this remake territory, I would redo ‘Dead Space 3’ almost completely, but I would keep the lore beat it’s predicated on, keep the lore you find out. And I would have Ellie there, but in a different relationship [with Isaac] and redo the entire main story.”

Beaver also adds he’d pursue the direction of Isaac’s story at the end of “Dead Space 2” more – one in which the character has been broken by the truth he uncovers. The actual third game seems to mostly ignore the psychological toll events took on Isaac over the first two games.

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