Russell Crowe has joined the cast of the Kraven The Hunter. This is part of the MCU adjacent Spider-verse formerly known as SPUMC at Sony Pictures.


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, but say character details are under wraps. Aaron Taylor-Johnson has signed a multi-picture deal as the character, meaning he can be expected to pop up elsewhere after this origin movie.

The fan-favorite Spider-Man villain and Russian big-game hunter is rumored to be joined in the movie by family members as it tells the story of how he became the famed bad guy.


Crowe is already appearing in the MCU via Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder. He is said to be playing the god Zeus in that movie. How those behind the carefully controlled, planned, and plotted MCU feel about this is currently unknown.

J.C. Chandor is directing Kraven The Hunter. This is good news. His Margin Call remains the best movie about the 2008 financial crash, functioning as The Big Short for grown-ups. The rest of his body of work is equally interesting.

The screenplay is by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Richard Wenk. Marvel and Sony stalwart Avi Arad is producing alongside Matt Tolmach. Kraven The Hunter is slated for a January 13th 2023 release, which feels quite soon if they are still not in production.

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