The talks between SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP in order to resolve the ongoing actor’s strike look set to continue into this weekend as it’s hoped by many that a potential deal will be reached in the coming days.

The two parties resumed talks on Tuesday and continued with them yesterday and today ahead of those talks potentially going into the weekend.

According to Deadline, all are “aware of the stakes at this juncture” and the negotiations have reportedly been serious and cordial. Both sides have incentives, and pressures, to get the deal done soon and are trying to avoid another breakdown in talks.

Sticking points like success-based compensation and AI remain, though it sounds like there has been some give on both sides. Previously SAG-AFTRA wanted an 11% minimum rates increase and the studios were offering only 5%, those numbers have now reportedly changed to 9% and 7% respectively.

There’s a general sense that if a deal can’t be reached in the next few weeks prior to Thanksgiving, none of the current TV season can be salvaged whilst Hollywood TV and feature film production across the first half of 2024 will essentially be a write-off.

The 2024 film calendar has already started seeing film delays and studios have warned TV series, even popular ones, could be cancelled soon if no deal is reached soon.

That said, an open letter with many names signed was released on Thursday by actors saying they would rather stay on strike than take a bad deal.

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