Remember when we feared the future turning out like The Terminator? Skynet taking over and out to destroy all humans. Well, it seems the reality is a lot worse than that. It’s Gen Z destroying everything we love.

On social media, there has been a push against sex scenes in movies and TV from Gen Z. Research has now been done to confirm this is true. UCLA did a study on audiences, aged from 10 – 24, classed as Gen Z, and they don’t want sex on screen, they want more platonic relationships.

The Centre for Scholars & Storytellers surveyed 1,500 adolescents in August this year. Younger ones, aged 10 – 12, were not asked about sex and romance. Teens from 13 – 15 had things toned down for them a little.

The results showed that 51% expressed a desire for:

“…more content centered around friendships and platonic relationships.”

With 48% stating that sex “isn’t needed for the plot of most TV shows and movies.” 44% said that romance is overused in media and 39% wanted to see more aromatic and/or asexual content and characters. The report states:

“As demonstrated in this report, they’ve grown tired of stereotypical, heteronormative storytelling that valorizes romantic and/or sexual relationships – especially ones that are toxic – and are looking for more representations of friendship, which is a core aspect of adolescence and social well-being.“

We have reached a generation that doesn’t want to see romance, they just want to see friendship. When I was 13 – 24, all I thought about were girls, getting a girlfriend, and hopefully getting married. If there was a movie with sex scenes, happy days!

Not for Gen Z through. They aren’t so interested in love and romance, just platonic relationships with the asexual, non-gendered person they hang out with. I’m going to ask this, but what’s wrong with the family dynamic? A husband and a wife and 2.4 children? It’s toxic apparently.

Makes you want to puke!


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