Directed by: #GeorgeVeck

Starring: #KristinJaap, #SofiaAntoniaMilone, #GraceWinterburn, #AdamPhelan, #DavidMcSweeney

Short Film Review by: Alexandra James

Scarlett is a short film that attempts to highlight the dangers of drug addiction by focusing on the theme of loss, whether this be of control, family or loved ones. The protagonist Scarlett Krog is a character swept up in the party lifestyle, starting her mornings with a line of coke and a spliff for afters, Scarlett’s only concern is when she can go out and get completely trashed. Her selfishness is noticeable within this short, unaware of how her actions affect those around her, like her sister Sofia who is a struggling single mother. Her only priority is where she will find her next high. Scarlett’s actions quickly catch up to her as she awakes from another one her alcohol and drug fuelled nights out. She soon discovers that her three grand drug debt has now involved her sister. Sofia becomes a prisoner in her own home and is forced to watch her son become recruited into this drug gang. It is left to Scarlett to face up to her problems and crack this habit once and for all.

The film begins with Scarlett waking up in her bedroom, smoking a spliff and throwing up in her garden. An interesting way to begin a story and one which reveals to the audience that the character is undoubtedly troubled. Her bedroom also portrays a teenage lifestyle, the empty cans, band posters and images of marijuana plastered around the walls creates Scarlett as a childish character. She is fixated on enjoying herself and quicks highs rather than facing the fact that she is an adult with responsibilities. Even after a heavy night, she is already in touch with her sister convincing her to come out again. A development of the characters would have benefitted this film immensely. Although the audience can make an educated guess about Scarlett’s character based on her appearance and surroundings, if we were to see more about her home life and how she interacts with people face to face this would allow the audience to understand her on a much deeper level and learn why she behaves in this manner. Moreover, an inclusion of flashbacks from the night before would have helped with the development of the storyline, so that we can be a part of Scarlett’s world.

The dialogue and language used between the characters was unnatural and confusing as it did not match the scenes. It was overcomplicated and did not reflect the characters persona and how we would expect them to speak based on their reputation, attitude, and appearance. A more relaxed way of speaking, as well as adding some excitement and emotion within some of the scenes to convey the severity of the situation would have elevated this piece. There was an array of emotions experienced by many of the characters, sadness, and frustration from Sofia as well as anger from both Scarlett and the gang who are desperate for their money. Therefore, there was a need for a lot more passion within some of the scenes to convey this raw emotion.

Scarlett has a story which has the structure and details to create an exciting and intense film. However, there are elements that need to be developed upon such as the characters and the acting which was lacking that enthusiasm to keep the audience fully invested throughout.

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