Watched Feb 17, 2023

Man, that was some hot garbage. Why do I keep going to see these empty, pointless movies?

I thought the latest Spider-man, Dr. Strange, and Black Panther movies were bad, but they seem like masterpieces compared to this ugly, stupid, confused, cacophonous disaster.

I really like Jonathan Majors and all, but have yet to see what supposedly makes Kang such a great villain. He seems indistinguishable from any other Marvel villain so far, and Majors mostly does only the usual schtick (pace slowly in front of a green screen while saying portentous things), only adding the occasional odd accent and/or goofy facial expression.

Might be the last superhero thing I bother with until Across the Spider-verse, because that’s the only one in years that might offer something the slightest bit different or at least not be this aggressively lame.

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