Searchlight Pictures has blessed us with the first official trailer for their upcoming social media satire, Not Okay, starring Zoey Deutch.

The film is described as a cautionary tale about social media fame and fortune. And it apparently features some “unlikable” characters, because the trailer begins with a cheeky message stating, “This film contains an unlikeable female protagonist. Viewer discretion advised.”

Deutch is playing this unlikeable protagonist, Danni Sanders.

An aimless and friendless writer who fakes a trip to Paris on her Instagram page. And why is she so unlikeable? During the fake trip, a terrorist attack rocks the city, forcing Danni to incorporate the chaos and drama of the tragedy into her sham vacation posts. But as the cracks in her feigned survivor status emerge, karma comes knocking, and Danni’s online world soon implodes.

That’s actually a really neat premise and I can’t wait to watch this movie. In addition to Deutch, this movie co-stars Dylan O’Brien and Mia Isaac.

Quinn Shephard directed and wrote the project. It’s set to debut on Hulu on July 29. Check out the trailer below…

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