A D23 trailer round up? It looks as if the Mouse House has been very busy this weekend and for once it doesn’t appear to be due to child trafficking.

Disney D23 Trailer Round Up
Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Yup it’s the D23 Expo. The Ultimate Fan Event and probably more than a few people’s kink.

First up we have a long awaited (is it?) follow-up to the surprise hit from 2007 Enchanted titled Disenchanted. If that isn’t a title that really speaks volumes about Disney’s turnout in the last 10 years, I don’t what does.

Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, and James Marsden all return in this way too long to be released sequel. Still, it looks like it keeps most of what made the first one fun so who knows?

Next up is Hocus Pocus 2. The nice thing about this one is that Bette Midler is so old, make up was not necessary.

I never saw the first one and I don’t get the impression that this was a beloved IP. But Disney gonna sequel, whether you want it or not. Kathy Najimi and Sarah Jessic Parker return with pleasingly diverse generic newcomers to give you this sequel 30 years hence.


How about something that’s even longer between the original and the sequel? I give you Willow! Well I guess this is a series, not a movie.

Well this has aged like a dead possum on a summer interstate highway. I’m not sure how this will do but IP’s gotta be mined. It’s all Disney has.


How about an unnecessary live action remake of a beloved animated classic? In the latest example of gingercide, we have The Little Mermaid!

Words fail me.


Maybe the MCU wing has some bright spots. First up is Secret Invasion. Because even though the Skrulls were bad in the comics, the only decent original and clever thing Captain Marvel did was make them the good guys. So now they have to turn themselves into pretzels to adapt a storyline that will make no sense and break whatever tiny bit of goodwill Captain Marvel might have had.

The whole point of Secret Invasion was that you didn’t know which hero was good. But is Chris Evans, Robert Downey, or any of the other heroes going to be in this playing skrulls playing heroes? Nah. Just do a bunch of clones or something. Nick Fury looks like a homeless person.

Ok I’m probably being a little hard on it without seeing the final product. But given the track record the last 2 years, can ya blame me?


So really dredging up the bottom of the barrel of Marvel properties, we now have Werewolf By Night. (Aren’t all werewolves by night?)

Er… ok. That’s a thing now. Enjoy. I’m looking forward to Rom: Spaceknight coming soon.


Let’s move on to the Star Wars wing to wrap up your trip of disappointment. First up is Andor. (And or what? *rim-shot*)

You know I have to admit, this doesn’t look all that bad. My objection is the graying up of the Star Wars universe. The Rebellion was good. The Empire was evil. I know this is probably more interesting storytelling but then it isn’t really Star Wars anymore.


How about a trip into the Feloni-led animation wing? Those are usually good. Here’s Tales Of The Jedi.

This might be ok. I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt based on the past history of these things.


Finally let’s go on a high note. C’mon for all your anti-woke, Disney sucks bluster… you KNOW you’re going to watch this. The Mandalorian Season 3.

So there you go. Almost endless trash. But who knows? Sometimes there is a pleasant surprise. My bet is Hocus Pocus 2.

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