OK, so the final episode of The Book of Boba Fett is now streaming and I’ve just finished it. In a nutshell, there are some epic moments, but overall, the series was still a bit of a let down.

Spoilers Ahead

War has arrived at Mos Espa. I say war. Mos Espa may have looked huge in the wide shots but the actual “war” was a few dozen people, at most. I found the entire thing pretty underwhelming, but some of it was cool.

We start in Garsa Fwip’s blown-up bar and they are getting ready for a fight. It turns out that the mayor, the Pykes, and Cad Bane are all in league with each other. The goal? To wipe out Boba Fett, Fennec, the Wookie, and United Colours of Benetton biker gang.


An X-wing turns up at Peli Motto’s landing pad with R2 flying and Grogu as the passenger. Hooray, Grogu chose the beskar armor which means the Sequel Trilogy still happened. Sorry internet fanboys.

Back to Boba, Fennec, and Mando. The fight is about to kick off, but wait! It is all a trap and the other gangs have betrayed them. They are outnumbered… by about 12! Honestly, this wasn’t a war. It was a skirmish at best. Cad and Boba almost have a duel, but then don’t. That happens later, obviously.


The shootout starts, and again, it was pretty lackluster at first. The United Colours of Benetton are all good-looking, but that’s about it. Nothing special.

The main thing I noticed throughout the entire shoot-out was that people were either an amazing shot, or as useless as a stormtrooper. There is nothing in between. Some of the shooting was brilliant, but other people couldn’t hit water if they were stood on a boat.

I’m also going to say Drash, the tomboy leader of the biker gang, is an utterly useless character who is there for no other reason than to be a “woman of power”. She looks more like the girlfriend that Biff Tannon would have had, rather than a Star Wars character.


As the fight goes on, two Scorpion Droids (I think they were called) turn up, and from then on the fight does get better. Although the droids couldn’t seem to hit two guys stood right in front of them and they have shield generators. Everyone keeps shooting the generators and nothing happens, but they just keep on shooting.

Boba disappears halfway through the fight, to get his pet Rancor. Now, I was under the impression from Danny Trejo that training a Rancor took years. Boba just turns up and kicks ass. I will say that some of this was feckin’ awesome! I was properly impressed at how it played out.

The duel finally takes place between Boba and Cad Bane. I just kept wondering where the hell everyone else was? A few minutes earlier, there were loads of people around. Now everyone is running towards the rancor who is now doing a King Kong impression on a tower.

It’s OK though, since Grogu saves the day. Obviously, the training that Grogu had with Luke included classes on putting rancors and other large animals to sleep.

The end of the show has Fennec turn up at the Pyke’s HQ and kill everyone, which was just “meh”. It was like they needed a scene to make sure all of Tatooine was safe, so just have master assassin kill them all.

Couldn’t help but think she would have been handy when Cad Bane was having the duel with Boba. And, I know I’m being picky again, but how come Boba had his rocket back on his back, after he just fired it?

And you will never guess what? But the little viewport on the back of Mando’s new ship…it’s the perfect size for Grogu! The Mandalorian Season 3.5 will be out soon.

Finally, mid-credit scene, there is someone in Boba’s Bacta Bath but I had no idea who. Comment below.

End Of Spoilers and Conclusion

OK, I know I have been very harsh on this series. I have been very nit-picky and I have over-analyzed it. I used to be a Star Wars fanboy and, in another time, I would have defended this to the death. I’m now much more of a realist, I have loved Boba Fett for many years and I was hoping for more. For me, this series just didn’t really deliver.

I used to love Robert Rodriguez, but his episodes were not well done and it’s a shame the last of the series wasn’t done by Bryce Dallas Howard, because based on what we have seen so far she would have knocked it out of the park.

Four episodes of flashbacks, two without Boba Fett in it at all meant even a good finish was a little too late for me. Someone said that another year of writing and polishing could have made this an awesome series, but it was average at best for me.

I doubt I will watch it again.

How was it for you? Did you like it, hate it, non-plussed by it? Would you want to see another series?

Discussion Spoiler Warning!

Feel free to put spoilers in the Disqus discussion below. You have been warned.


The Season 3 trailer for The Mandalorian. There have been a few changes…

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