A24 has premiered the trailer for the romantic comedy-drama “We Live in Time” which hails from “Boy A” and “Brooklyn” director John Crowley.

Playwright and screenwriter Nick Payne pens the film in which Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield play up-and-coming chef Almut and recent divorcée Tobias respectively.

They find their lives forever changed when a chance encounter brings them together and changes their lives.

Through snapshots of their life together over a decade – falling for each other, building a home, becoming a family – a difficult truth is revealed that rocks its foundation.

As they embark on a path challenged by the limits of time, they learn to cherish each moment of the unconventional route their love story has taken.

Adam James, Aoife Hinds, Marama Corlett, Heather Craney, Nikhil Parmar, Gabe Robinson, Kevin Brewer and Daniel Bowerbank co-star in the film which has been rated R for language, sexuality and nudity.

The film is slated to premiere at the 2024 Toronto International Film Festival ahead of its U.S. theatrical release on October 11th.

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