To date Warner Bros. Pictures has released only one official photo of David Corenswet dressed up as Superman – and in that shot he was hunched over in a chair fiddling with his boots whilst the color of the photo was a little off.

The other day, blurry set photos emerged of faded newspaper props from the set of James Gunn’s currently filming “Superman”. This time the shots were very blurry and pixelated and hard to make out due to the nature of them.

That all changed this morning as new set photos have now emerged online from filming in Cleveland, these ones are clear and show Corenswet’s full costume out in public and in the daylight.

The color scheme looks far lighter than previous shots let on with the blue fairly light whilst the red and yellow are very vivid – and yes he’s wearing the trunks, whilst people on set have confirmed he has a yellow ‘S’ on the back of his cape.

Also in the shots is Edi Gathegi suited up as Mister Terrific with the pair seemingly sharing a scene together with the filming taking place today in downtown Cleveland.

Gunn’s “Superman” is set to continue filming through August ahead of a July 2025 release. The full lot of photos can be found at

The suits are out! Superman and what appears to be Mister Terrific from DC Comics are in full uniform and together filming a scene in downtown Cleveland.

Photos: Joshua Gunter,

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