Godwin’s Law states that as an online discussion grows longer (no matter the topic), the probability factor of a comparison to Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.

A relatively similar law applies to Marvel works as any discussion about a new Marvel film or television show’s mysteries or cameos inevitably leads to someone bringing up the name Mephisto.

Mephisto is an immortal demonic entity in the comics whose magical abilities include shapeshifting, illusion projection, temporal alteration and more. The character has been rumored to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years.

“WandaVision” in particular was subjected to wild speculation about his incorporation and outright anger when he didn’t appear. This week Inverse spoke with “WandaVision” showrunner Matt Shakman about those rumors and says he was baffled as to how they began:

“There were some deep readings of the text that led to certain conclusions that were wrong. Mephisto was never a part of our plan. So that was a head-scratcher. But hey, he’s a great character.”

Shakman, out promoting his work directing episodes and executive producing Apple’s new “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” series, is also set to helm the new “Fantastic Four” film. In terms of that he says he’s not looking at the other movies but rather going back to the comics to “figure out who these characters are to me and how to bring them to life in the best possible way”.

The “Fantastic Four” film is slated for a May 2025 release.

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