British actor Jude Law has been out there promoting his upcoming period drama “Firebrand” in which he stars alongside Alicia Vikander.

Law generally avoided franchise films for years but in the past decade or so popped up as Dumbledore in the “Fantastic Beasts” movies and in the “Captain Marvel” film at Disney.

He’ll next be seen with a major role in Lucasfilm’s next “Star Wars” series “Skeleton Crew,” a show meant to evoke the tone and spirit of family adventure films like “The Goonies”.

It marks a change from other live-action “Star Wars” in recent years which has generally played things pretty serious, occasionally grim, and has seemingly forgotten its sense of wonder.

Law spoke with The Playlist about filming the series and says it was a whole lot of fun not just to shoot but the actual series itself:

“It was a really happy time, honestly. It’s funny how familiar it all feels, you know? I mean, I’ve grown up with it for 40-odd years.

And so you walk onto a set, and there’s a bounty hunter, a Jawa, and all these familiar faces in many ways. It feels like a world. You think, ‘Ah, yeah, I know these guys.’

Obviously, it’s a whole lot of fun. And I don’t say that in any patronizing way, but, you know, I really wanted to bring fun to it. I remember the original films just brought me so much joy and the fun that it seemed they were having – Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill.

I wanted to try and draw on that, embrace it myself, and not take it too seriously.”

Law praises the cast of kids on the show – Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Robert Timothy, Smith Ravi Cabot-Conyers, and Kyriana Kratter – who make his job easier, saying “living it through them was a really great addition for me”. Adult actors Tunde Adebimpe. Kerry Condon and Jaleel White also star.

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” trilogy director Jon Watts serves as showrunner on the series which was co-created with Christopher Ford. Watts directs episodes alongside talented filmmakers like The Daniels, David Lowrey and Lee Isaac Chung.

“Skeleton Crew” is expected to premiere on Disney+ in December.

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