Following last weekend’s strong opening of the fourth “Bad Boys” film, success continuing this weekend with a soft drop-off, Oscar winner Will Smith is already looking towards his next project.

Puck News reports that Smith is looking at potentially starring in a new series from “Westworld” and “Fallout” creators Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy.

Smith has reportedly had several meetings with the showrunners to potentially topline a television project that will be produced at their Kilter Films label.

In fact, the actor came to them with the idea for the series which is set in the world of artificial intelligence. Details are still reportedly being worked out, including if this will be a one-off limited series or a show consisting of several seasons.

Smith, whose televised assault of Chris Rock during the Oscars put his career on ice for a while, presently has no post-“Bad Boys” projects lined up.

He has been linked to an “I Am Legend” sequel which is unlikely to shoot until next year at the earliest as it’s still in development.

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