In August last year came a cross-streaming promotion in which Max subscribers scored some AMC+ programming for two months.

That period featured full seasons of seven AMC original series including “Killing Eve,” “Dark Winds,” “Fear the Walking Dead” and its recent acclaimed drama “Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire”.

Well a new variation of the deal is now happening with Netflix, according to What’s on Netflix, with a slew of AMC series set to hit the biggest streamer.

The list reportedly includes older titles like “Preacher,” “Into the Badlands,” and “Fear the Walking Dead” along with the more recent “Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire” and “Monsieur Spade” which have aired episodes this year.

The length of their stay on the platform isn’t known, though it is likely to be longer than their Max stay.

Netflix has had strong success with AMC titles in the past with every season of “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul” and “The Walking Dead” on the service.

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