Last month came the news that Netflix is set to release the second season of “Squid Game” in December. It turns out there may be more to the story than originally thought.

News outlet OSEN (via Soompi reports that the new run of the global hit South Korean thriller series recently wrapped filming with a two-day wrap party taking place earlier this week in Gapyeong (about an hour’s drive from Seoul).

Quoting a source, they indicate that the project shot its second and third seasons altogether. They further specified that “a long story was filmed, which will be split and released as Seasons 2 and 3.”

They additionally indicate Season 2 will consist of six episodes, while Season 3 will feature around six or seven episodes and the two seasons will be released with a short gap citing fellow Korean series “The Glory”.

That series ran for sixteen episodes – launching with an eight-episode ‘Part 1’ on December 30th 2022 and the remaining eight as ‘Part 2 on March 10th 2023.

Netflix has officially responded to the report, saying: “We’re in the final stages of preparing for the release of ‘Squid Game’ Season 2. We can’t provide definitive details about Season 3 yet.”

One possible scenario is the entire run will be released as a 12-13 episode second season with a ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’ segment airing a few weeks apart (ala “Stranger Things”).

The nine-episode first season of “Squid Game, which centres on a mysterious survival game with a reward of 45.6 billion won, remains Netflix’s most-viewed original series ever.

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