The BBC and Disney+ have released the first of its two-part finale and with it came some warm reunions, some answered questions, and a major reveal.


The episode tries to bring together various threads that were first laid out in the last of the 40th anniversary specials – “The Giggle” – and in last year’s Christmas special “The Church on Ruby Road”.

This included the old woman (played by Susan Twist) who is popping up everywhere, mysterious neighbour Mrs. Flood, who is the robed female figure that dropped off Ruby at the church, and just who or what is The One Who Waits.

While questions linger about the three women, that last one was definitively revealed in a major villain reveal akin to the David Tennant episode “Utopia”. The One Who Waits is none other than the return of Sutekh the Destroyer.

One of the most memorable one-off villains from all of classic “Doctor Who,” the character appeared only once – in the Tom Baker-led serial “Pyramids of Mars” which aired in 1975.

In the acclaimed series, he was a genocidal member of an advanced alien race known as the Osirans who served as the Gods of ancient Egyptian civilisation. Imprisoned by his own people, he was unearthed by an archaeology professor – alive but immobilised.

His only hope of release was the destruction of a jewel within a pyramid under the surface of Mars and so uses the professor and some robotic mummies in his efforts to free himself. Sutekh was seemingly killed after The Doctor manipulated a temporal corridor to last for thousands of years.

In the wake of the reveal, it has been confirmed that the villain’s original voice actor, Gabriel Woolf, has returned to provide the voice again here – nearly 50 years after first doing so and at the age of 91 now.

Hints of Sutekh’s return have popped up – triangles being an element of numerous scenes in episodes this year. How he escaped and how he will go about dealing with The Doctor we’ll have to wait and see, as will just how Susan Triad, Mrs. Flood and Ruby’s biological mother relate to it all.

The season finale episode, “Empire of Death,” arrives on BBC and Disney+ on June 22nd.

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