There have been rumors of a few scrapped video games based on DC properties over the years.

For years talk swirled around a Rocksteady-developed Superman game, but that was shot down by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier who confirmed last year Rocksteady was never working on a Superman game and did not even pitch one.

For a while there was also talk of a game serving as a continuation of the Arkham-verse starring Damian Wayne.

One that seemingly flew very much under the radar however has emerged online this week thanks to photos and video of early gameplay going online.

An X thread by SpideyRanger (via CBM) claims that Monolith Productions were intending to develop a video game based on Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy.

Going by codename “Project Apollo,” Monolith was developing the game around 2010 for release on the PlayStation 3 and/or Xbox 360.

In it, the open world of Gotham could be traversed by either gliding and utilizing the grappling hook or by operating the Tumbler/Batmobile.

In addition, the game would’ve served as the debut of the developers famed ‘Nemesis System’ mechanic in which enemies retain memories of encounters and adapt.

Said system was hoped to distinguish it from the “Batman: Arkham” game franchise as so many other elements were so similar.

However, it claims Warner Brothers didn’t think that having two Batman gaming franchises at once was a great idea so the Monolith game was retooled into what became the “Lord of the Rings”-themed title “Shadow of Mordor” released in 2014.

Head to SpideyRanger to see the shots & early gameplay video.

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