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For this year’s WonderCon, excited film and television fans dove into the world of entertainment at Impact24 PR’s Panel Superblock Series, the ultimate destination for a behind-the-scenes look at projects like One Piece, Loki, The Iron Claw, Flamin’ Hot, The Traitors, 9-1-1, The Fall of the House of Usher, and more!

The “All in the Details: Costume, Makeup, Hair, and Production Design for Film and TV” panel gave attendees an inside look at the process of designing characters and sets to bring a project to life. The panel featured production designer Brandon Mendez (Flamin’ Hot), makeup department head Elle Favorule (The Iron Claw), costume designer Emilio Sosa (Disney+ Descendents: The Rise of Red & Chair), key hairstylist Joyce Gilliard (Genius: MLK/X), and production designer and supervising art director on Loki S1 Natasha Gerasimova, and was moderated by actor, singer, and director Chris Villain (Mystery Incorporated, Freakshow).

“Working on The Iron Claw, which is based on a true story, meant that I had real-life references for the makeup designs,” said makeup department head Elle Favorule about her makeup process for the film. “I was striving to capture the essence or likeness of characters who were small-town farmers in the ’70s and ’80s. This added a layer of pressure to get each character’s look and story just right, using makeup to enhance their portrayal.”

The “2nd Annual Scene Breakdown: Behind the Camera of Film and TV Shows” brought together industry professionals to discuss their work and scenes from popular entertainment projects. The panel featured producer Blaine Morris (Dark Obsession), director Chris Dane Owens (Empire Queen: The Golden Age of Magic), editor Eric Litman (One Piece), production designer Gary Kordan (Key & Peele), editor Kristi Shimek (Arcadian), and composer Nicolas Repetto (Empire Queen: The Golden Age of Magic), and was moderated by writer and producer Victoria Male.

Editor Eric Litman spoke about his experience editing Netflix’s One Piece during the panel. “In adapting One Piece, we were fortunate to have insightful showrunners who deeply understood these characters. Our focus was on world-building, ensuring we captured the spirit of the manga while sprinkling the series with easter eggs for the fans. The pilot episode set the tone for a pirate revolution. The fan reaction at the premiere, especially during the appearances of characters like Mihawk and young Shanks, confirmed we struck the right balance.”

The final panel in the Impact24 PR Superblock Panel Series was the 4th Annual “It’s Alive!”: Designing Sci-Fi, Horror, and Drama Film and TV,” which gave attendees a thrilling insight into projects like The Fall of the House of Usher, The Traitors, 9-1-1, and more. The panel featured re-recording mixer/ sound effects editor Austin Roth (Griselda, Euphoria), director/ actor/ writer/ co-founder of Not Your Daddy’s Films Carlye Tamaren, editor Charles Little II, ACE (9-1-1, Welcome to Wrexham), casting director Jazzy Collins, CSA (The Traitors), VFX supervisor Marshall Krasser of FuseFX (The Fall of the House of Usher), and composer Philip White (The Winchesters), and was moderated by actor, singer, and director Chris Villain (Mystery Incorporated, Freakshow).

Fans got a special look at the making of procedural dramas from editor Charles Little II, ACE. “Authenticity in our emergency sequences for ‘9-1-1’ and ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ came down to collaboration. I work closely with a team of talented individuals, including producers, stunt coordinators, and many more, to ensure that every element weaves together seamlessly. As an editor, I focus on the subtext, on what you’re feeling beyond what you see at first glance.”

The Impact24 PR Panel Superblock Series at WonderCon 2024 delivered an immersive behind-the-scenes journey for attendees, offering exclusive insights from industry experts across diverse departments involved in the creation of beloved films and television shows. From development to post-production, attendees gained unparalleled access to the creative process, fostering a deepened appreciation for the artistry behind their favorite projects.


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