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UK Film Club was back in March with a new episode of their film podcast. Hosts Brian Penn and myself (Chris Olson) brought you a jam-packed show with a heavy dolloping of great movies to check out, across the spectrum of film.

As with all episodes of UK Film Club, the podcast covered theatrical releases (in cinemas), streaming movies, independent cinema (short films & features), and a nostalgia pick.

It was one film that impressed Brian the most though and his coveted Film of the Month award went to Wicked Little Letters starring Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Timothy Spall, Anjana Vasan and more. In Brian’s written film review, he summed the plot thusly:

Rose Gooding (Jessie Buckley) is a feisty Irish girl who brings her daughter to the sleepy town of Littlehampton in the 1920s. Her husband died during the Great War and aims to start a new life in a tight knit community. However, trouble is afoot when she falls out with God fearing neighbour Edith Swann (Olivia Colman), who mysteriously receives poison pen letters laced with profanity. Her father Edward (Timothy Spall) is an upstanding member of the community and repulsed by such vile prose. Soon these wicked little letters are dropping through everyone’s letter box.

Read our full Wicked Little Letters Review here

Soon to be on home entertainment release, I look forward to checking out Wicked Little Letters.

Other movies covered in the film podcast episode 13 of UK Film Club included:

Bob Marley: One Love – a biopic about the legendary music artist. Brian found this to be a safe but effective film, perhaps a little too sterile for its own good.

Dune: Part 2 – a fan of Part 1, this second outing seemed to have lost its magical appeal with Brian, who likened it more to Marvel movies. If you want another film podcast opinion, check out the episode by The Fantom Zone on the UK Film Review Podcast – it goes into incredible detail!

Spaceman – a Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler, this was an interesting film to say the least. It will make you think about all manner of humanity but leave you pondering how you felt about the journey.

I Bring Joy – a powerful and potent indie feature film. Written and directed by filmmaker David Stuart Snell, this female-led thriller set in London pulls no punches with an incredible story about a dancer who finds a new way of life after almost being mugged.

Everyone – written and directed by filmmaker Marcus Flemmings, this indie comedy set in a restaurant and told in real-time was a big hit with both me and Brian – a firm recommendation!

Dagr – a fantastic found-footage film about two social media influencers attempting to run a scam who end up on the receiving end of some serious scares. Expertly done and proof that films on phones can be excellent!

The ACTT – a humble and comedic short film about a community theatre group attempting to organise their new show. Full of classic theatre stereotypes and playful jibes at the scene, it’s a fun movie.

Beneath a Mother’s Feet – from filmmaker Elias Suhail, this gripping and movie short film about one woman’s struggle to be a mother and widow makes for essential viewing. Absolutely knockout!

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