Paramount+ has just purged ten Nickelodeon original series from its platform, joining other Nick titles removed from the service in the past few months.

Several made-for-Paramount+ titles like “Big Nate” (2022) and “Rugrats” (2021) are both gone, as is the “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” (2019-2022) remake.

Also out are “Blue’s Clues & You!” (2019), “It’s Pony” (2020-2022), “Middlemost Post” (2021-2022), “Ollie’s Pack” (2020), “Ryan’s “Mystery Playdate” (2019-2023), “Santiago of the Seas” (2020), and “That Girl Lay Lay” (2021-2024).

The extraction of Nick material is said to be part of the $700-900 million in content removal charges already flagged in the company’s Q4 earnings call a few weeks back.

Paramount is putting more focus on international content in its efforts to increase its “mass global appeal” (and appeal to potential buyers for the company) which involes “rationalizing original content”.

Even so, the network’s Kids & Family content consistently ranks among the most watched and re-watched programming on the service.

Source: Deadline

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