Collectors will rejoice at the announcement of Hasbro’s new action figures for Deadpool and Wolverine in anticipation of this summer’s movie release.

“Hasbro has unveiled the first look at the new Marvel Legends Legacy Collection, first in line for the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The highly anticipated film is due out this July and will be the only big screen entry from the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year, as the studio goes through a creative haul.”

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What’s with the asterisk recently added to the show title of Marvel’s Thunderbolts*?

“The chairback Pugh shows while talking with director Jake Schreier seems to say Thunderbolts in a much simpler font than the logo we’ve previously seen, and also with an asterisk attached. The title now seems to read Thunderbolts*, a detail confirmed by both Pugh’s hashtag on the post and Marvel Studios in a tweet soon after.”

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Melissa Herrera finally speaks about her controversial firing from the popular Scream franchise.

“Barrera is about to star in another horror film: Abigail, a vampire film that reunites her with Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the directors of Scream and Scream VI. It’s out April 19, and there’s no chance Barrera isn’t going to be asked about Scream in the lead-up to its release.”

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Jerry Seinfeld’s love of breakfast cereals is widely known, but what was it that brought him to the subject of toaster pastries for Unfrosted?

“If you’re wondering why Seinfeld chose this, of all subjects, for his first outing as a filmmaker, he’s just apparently been obsessed with Pop-Tarts his whole life… During the pandemic, bored with nothing else to do, he and co-writer Spike Feresten finally said, why not? And thus, Unfrosted was born.”

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Actor Wagner Moura shares details about the traumatic effect of some scenes in Alex Garland’s Civil War.

“Moura… is somber when reflecting on its real-life implications and understands how deeply it can affect viewers. ‘I was really destroyed afterward,’ he says, returning to the scene with Plemons. ‘We filmed that part for two days, and afterward I just laid down in the grass and cried.’”

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