A massive new feature piece at Variety has gone into some more details about the future of the “Star Trek” franchise on the small screen.

The trade confirms that the Michelle Yeoh-led “Section 31” film has wrapped production and have released the first official still from it which you can see above. That project is dubbed a spy thriller that Yeoh herself calls “‘Mission: Impossible’ in space”.

The piece reveals that actress Kacey Rohl has been cast in the film in a brief appearance as a young Rachel Garrett, the woman who would become the captain of the USS Enterprise-C as seen played by Tricia O’Neill in the iconic ‘Next Gen’ episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”.

The inclusion is said to be entirely for fans and “if you don’t know who the character is, you’re not missing anything”.

Should “Section 31” prove successful, Yeoh says she’s “game for a sequel” and franchise showrunner Alex Kurtzman is reportedly “eyeing more opportunities for TV movies” including a potential “Picard” follow-up.

“Strange New Worlds” is getting a new science lab set for the third season with “a transparent floor atop a four-foot pool of water that swirls underneath the central workbench, and the surrounding walls sport a half dozen viewscreens with live schematics”.

That show is also keeping the genre-hopping and experimentation of the prior seasons with director Jonathan Frakes helming a “Hollywood murder mystery” episode which he calls “the best episode of television I’ve ever done”.

Also revealed is that the upcoming “Starfleet Academy” series will start production this Summer on “the largest single set ever created for ‘Star Trek’ on TV” with its central academic atrium. The show is also confirmed to be taking place in the ‘Discovery’ period of the 32nd century.

David Stapf, president of CBS Studios, tells the trade the franchise’s health is essential to Paramount: “We take it very seriously. ‘Star Trek’ is one of the most valued, treasured and to-be-nurtured franchises in all of media.”

Finally the trade indicates almost 20% of Paramount+ subscribers in the U.S. is watching at least one “Star Trek” series and more than 50% of those that do are also watching at least two others.

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