The long-awaited integration of Hulu into the Disney+ app has launched. North American subscribers to both Disney+ and Hulu will now finally see Hulu content appear on Disney+. You will still need a Hulu subscription to access the information.

Hulu titles will also be integrated into personalized content recommendations and wider functionality.

This means the 70,000+ movies, series, and TV episodes are now available in one place. This includes critically lauded shows like The Bear and Shogun. Those without Hulu will see it heavily promoted within the app to drive cross-sell / up-sell.

The overseas equivalent of this has been available for some time outside the US and Canada. All of the FX and Fox Studios content was available under the Star tile on the Disney platform, meaning you got to experience the slightly naughty feeling of firing up Disney+ to watch Predator.

The Fox content, alongside the Mouse House library and IP, has long made Disney+ quite a compelling offering overseas.

If you live in South America, you will get the Star service launched in Disney+ in June.

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