“The Flight Attendant” series creator Steve Yockey has climbed onboard the next “Star Trek” film as its new writer.

Variety reports that Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot intend the project to be the final chapter for the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ cast that rebooted the films beginning with 2009’s “Star Trek”.

That includes Chris Pine (as Capt. James T. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (as Cmdr. Spock), Zoe Saldana (as Lt. Nyota Uhura), Karl Urban (as Dr. Leonard McCoy), John Cho (as Lt. Hikaru Sulu) and Simon Pegg (as chief engineer Montgomery Scott).

Further story specifics about the new entry remain under wraps. At least three previous attempts to revive the film side of the franchise have fallen apart in the eight years since “Star Trek Beyond” in 2016.

Yockey is a playwright who has kept busy with TV writing over the years. He worked on “Supernatural” for four seasons and will soon launch Netflix’s “Dead Boy Detectives”.

The project is separate from the “Star Trek” film writer Seth Grahame-Smith and director Toby Haynes are developing which aims to serve as a semi-origin story for the franchise.

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