The future of the Spider-Man franchise was a little uncertain. The Marvel Studios and Sony collaboration feels a bit like Ross and Rachel from Friends,

Marvel have their own issues right now, and Sony’s attempts to launch their own cinematic universe based around the Spider-Man characters they do own have been laughably inept.

Meanwhile Tom Holland has been making noises about feeling like he’s done with the character, and Zendaya’s career has taken off.

So something, somewhere, had to be sorted out. It looks like it might have been, as according to the report over at The InSneider, things are about to move fast.

Apparently the studios are circling Fast Five and Star Trek: Beyond director Justin Lin as a potential director of a fourth instalment, with Holland and Zendaya set to return.

They are looking to begin production around September/October this year.

After appearing in six movies, Holland had talked of the time coming to pass the torch onto another younger actor. So Miles Morales incoming?

Two of Holland’s standalone Spider-Man films earned over $1 billion at the box office, while No Way Home nearly broke the $2 billion mark with its $1.92 billion gross to become the sixth highest-grossing film of all time – unadjusted for inflation.

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