North American subscribers to both Disney+ and Hulu will now see a ‘full’ Hulu experience within the Disney+ app.

Today marks the official launch of the integrated product which will aim to convert standalone Disney+ customers into two-service subscribers.

Hulu titles will be integrated into personalized content recommendations, sets and collections within the Disney+ app – as opposed to being a completely separate affair as it was in recent months of beta testing.

This allows Hulu’s 70,000-plus TV episodes and movies, with originals such as “Shōgun,” “Only Murders in the Building” and “The Bear,” featuring alongside Marvel, Star Wars and Disney content.

For the foreseeable future, the live channels in the Hulu + Live TV package will not be available in Disney+.

The aim overall is to improve engagement, driving up total viewing hours among customers who have both. Those without Hulu will see it heavily promoted within the app.

The launch has led to the Disney+ logo having a more greenish color scheme and a new intro video.

Disney has already incorporated a Hulu-esque hub called ‘Star’ within its service overseas for around two years now. Latin America is an exception where Star+ is a separate service but will be incorporated into Disney+ in June.

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