In honor of the 20th anniversary of the classic film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, we’re giving away an exciting variety of merchandise based on the film, including a hoodie, candle, and more! Learn how you can win the prize below:

The Bad Boys are back! After their triumphant return to theaters in 2020, just before the pandemic hit, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are teaming up again for another chaotic mission in Miami.

If you were hoping the upcoming The Penguin series on Max would be dark, gritty, and violent, then you’re in luck.

“You think The Joker is Gotham’s most dark and twisted guy? Well, The Penguin series is going to give him a run for his money, apparently, at least according to star Colin Farrell. Max’s television spin-off of Matt Reeves’ film The Batman premieres in the fall, so you have time to prepare for how messed up it’s going to be.”

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Pedro Pascal, SAG Award winner for his performance in The Last of Us, seemingly had a relatively brief shooting schedule for season 2. What could this possibly mean?

“Season 2 of HBO’s The Last of Us is currently filming in the Canadian province of British Columbia and Pedro Pascal, who plays post-apocalypse dad Joel Miller, has reportedly finished all of his parts just one month after filming began. If you’ve played Naughty Dog’s TLOU Part II, then you probably know why he’s allegedly wrapped so quickly.”

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You’ve probably heard that The Simpsons always predict the future. The writers of the long-running cartoon series are well aware of this.

“The Simpsons has been on for so, so long. The show’s episode count currently sits at more than 760, which is a truly huge amount of television. Naturally, it’s not the same show it once was; early plot lines were basically grounded in reality, but 35 years of never aging and occasional sojourns to space will knock that out of any show.”

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Marvel alum Scarlett Johansson is reportedly in talks to lead the next installment of the Jurassic World franchise.

“Scarlett Johansson is expected to be in talks to lead Universal‘s new Jurassic World film. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the news and reported that Universal is moving fairly quickly with the project, which has a Summer 2025 deadline.”

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