Despite a recent BAFTA TV Awards nomination for leading actor Paapa Essiedu, Sky has confirmed it has canceled its sci-fi series “The Lazarus Project” after two seasons.

The first season saw an app developer named George (Paapa Essiedu) becoming caught up in a secret organization called The Lazarus Project where members work hard to save the world from total extinction by rewriting the past.

The group have access to a singularity that can reset time back to a fixed point – July 1st – in case of a world-ending emergency within the twelve-month timespan.

When time passes that point, any future resets go back to that most recent July 1st. A small portion of the populous has a mutant gene that grants the possibility of organically remembering that reverts are occurring.

The second season saw the team locked in a never-ending time loop and it did end on a cliffhanger that will now go unresolved.

Anjli Mohindra, Caroline Quentin, Tom Burke and more co-starred in the series penned and created by BAFTA award-winning Joe Barton (“Giri/Haji”).

Source: Radio Times

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