Core elements of two of the most celebrated queer dramas of the past decade – Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me By Your Name” and Francis Lee’s “God’s Own Country” – are coming together for a new project.

‘God’s’ breakout star Josh O’Connor is in talks to star in Guadagnino’s next project “Separate Rooms,” a new film adaptation of the Italian writer Pier Vittorio Tondelli’s 1989 novel “Camere separate”.

Though he is not yet fully contractualized, O’Connor is reportedly already studying Italian for the role of a writer named Leo who shares a passionate romance with a shy German musician named Thomas.

Their relationship throughout the film is marked by different forms of separation. The pair begin a long affair, meeting and traveling together in different European cities like Milan, Paris, London and Florence over a three-year period.

Though they meet when they can, they live separately and seclude themselves in their respective loneliness when apart. An affair and a death also come into play with the story told mostly in flashback as one mourns the other.

Francesca Manieri (“We Are Who We Are”) is penning the script and the project is tipped to be Guadagnino’s next work with shooting to begin soon.

The news comes ahead of “The Crown” and “Emma” star Josh O’Connor’s new film “Challengers” coming to screens in the coming weeks.

Source: Variety

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