This article contains spoilers for Invincible season 2 through episode 6.

Rex Sloan, a.k.a. Rex Splode, is one of the most obnoxious, obscene characters in Prime Video’s Invincible. If his double entendre name wasn’t an indicator, he has a gives-no-shits personality. The guy cracks abrasive, mocking jokes to his adversaries and teammates in Teen Team and The Guardians of the Globe. Rex cheats on his romantic partners and acts ballistic when he gets what he gives. Plus, compared to his counterparts, his powers are as useless as Aquaman’s. I mean, he’s Gambit but without the charm or cool cards. 

Yet, in the opening episodes of Invincible season 2 part 2 “This Must Come as a Shock” and “It’s Not That Simple,” Splode received—wait, no, was handed—a significant bout of growth and humility through a gratifying arc unlike anyone else in the season, including Mark Grayson. 

In “This Must Come as a Shock,” Rex recruits a reluctant Atom Eve to join the Guardians of the Globe on a mission to Mars. When doing so, he gives her an endearing pep talk while she’s still feeling the burdening weight of her mishap in Chicago, leading her to isolate herself from her conservative parents. 

In his lecture, Rex defies his compulsive, conceited tendencies and shows a compelling display of growth and maturity. He tells Eve about her importance as a hero and a person, reminding her of the accomplishments and tribulations she faces in and out of their messy relationship….all while still being Rex. 

“To fuck up is human. Shakespeare said that,” he says to Eve in his speech. The writing, coupled with Jason Mantzoukas’s strong voice performance sells this sweet moment.

Foreshadowing 101 for you: Usually, when a character not known for their affections depicts a sign of humanity, surprising the viewer, it’s a massive indicator that they will soon bite the dust hardcore. If it’s not a big ol’ show of heart, then it’s discussions about retirement from whatever occupation they have. 

So later on in the episode, when the Lizard League (Lizard King, Komodo Dragon, and Iguana)  attacks the grounded Guardians of the Globe members (Rex, Dupli-kate, and Shrinking Rae) while most are off in space you know blood will hit the wall, specifically for Rex. However, it was Kate and Rae who were killed and severely injured, respectively, making the lone survivor moment for Rex so terrifying. Particularly as Rex is feeling the pressure, his exasperated voice going “ohshitohshitohshit” as he’s panicking, once again, Zouks’s voice acting for his freaking life had me rooting for Rex. 

In the latest episode, “It’s Not That Simple,” Rex pulled off the impossible and won alone. In a fit of adrenaline, rage, a hand eaten off, and a shot to the noggin, Rex held his own, solely taking down the League like a G. Yet the repercussions met by getting a headshot and a lost hand forced him to face his past actions. 

As he wakes up from his coma with one big bloodshot eye and a head brace; he has a heart-to-heart with Mark, saying:  “When I got shot in the head, I saw my life flash before my eyes. That’s always sounded like bullshit to me, too, but it’s not. And I didn’t like what I saw.”

In a tone of regret and contemplation he also confides in Mark about his terrible treatment of every past partner he’s been with, “None of them deserved it. I don’t know why I had to get my brains blown out to see that.” 

Compared to the rest of the Invincible ensemble, once they’re in healing after a traumatic incident, many move in a Debbie-downer state. Rex, however, took his near-death moment to reflect on his vices and treatment towards others. This authentic encounter of humility Rex had to overcome compelled him to atone for his poor behavior. 

Throughout the rest of season 2, even though the episodes have not dropped just yet, nobody has come close to the maturity he’s faced. In a show about heroes trying to become better people, Rex Splode’s two-episode character turn foretold his tremendous growth, making him stand out as one of the season’s best arcs. 

New episodes of Invincible season 2 premiere Thursdays on Prime Video.

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