Netflix has abandoned plans for a film trilogy adaptation of “Percy Jackson” author Rick Riordan’s “Kane Chronicles” book series.

The three “Kane Chronicles” books are another young adult trilogy, this time steeped in Egyptian history and mythology rather than the Greek myth influence of the “Percy Jackson” books.

The story follows teen protagonists Carter and Sadie Kane, who were descended from the Egyptian pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great. A series of spinoff novels saw its characters crossover into the “Percy Jackson” universe.

Riordan himself shared the news of the project’s scrapping while responding to question from a fan on Goodreads (via The Wrap):

“Right now, Kane Chronicles is in ‘turnaround,’ which means Netflix has decided not to move forward and their option has lapsed after trying for two years to develop a script they liked. Now it depends on whether another studio would like to step in, assume the preproduction costs, and move forward.

This is not at all unusual. It happens, I would guess, with the majority of film projects. Also, the streaming industry as a whole is shrinking their development slate right now, meaning they are cancelling more content and making less content. Kane got caught in that trend, despite the strong success of Percy TV.”

The project began development back in late 2020 with “Star Trek: Prodigy” writer Diandra Pendleton-Thompson onboard to adapt the script.

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