New adaptations of both Bret Easton Ellis’ “American Psycho” and Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone” novels are in the works according to The InSneider.

Lionsgate is reportedly behind the new ‘Psycho’, which will follow on Mary Harron’s acclaimed 2000 film adaptation starring Christian Bale as 1980s white-collar sociopath and unreliable narrator Patrick Bateman.

The studio is said to be open to a writer updating the story for the modern age and offering their own take on the character.

Also in the works is a new film take on King’s “The Dead Zone” with producer Roy Lee developing this version of the story of Johnny Smith – a teacher who awakens from a coma with the ability to see the past and/or future of people by touching them.

Things take a turn when he touches the hand of senatorial candidate Greg Stilson and sees a future in which Stilson is president and unleashes a nuclear war.

Lee is reportedly still seeking a writer/director with a new take that the studio sparks to. Christopher Walken starred in David Cronenberg’s prior 1983 film take, whilst Anthony Michael Hall led a six-season adaptation for the USA Network.

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