Christopher Nolan appeared on The Late Show for a lengthy discussion with Stephen Colbert about Oppenheimer. That movie seems to be lumbering up for big success at the upcoming Oscars. Among the favorites is Robert Downey Jr., up for a nod as Best Supporting Actor.

In the interview, Nolan heaped praise on Downey Jr., saying he always wanted to work with Downey because of his “generosity” and “charisma.”

Nolan also highlighted how important Downey Jr being cast as Tony Stark was, and understands its impact way beyond the Iron Man movies.

Nolan talked about why he was drawn to working with him:

“With anybody you work with, with actors…you’re looking for some kind of connection emotionally, empathetically. You’re looking for some kind of generosity. He has this incredible generosity of spirit. It means when he’s in a scene with other people he’s making sure they are all doing their best, that they are all able to bring their best to the table. He’s helping them clarify those emotional connections. I’ve always wanted to work with him. I’ve always seen that in his work,”

Colbert mentioned the MCU and Downey Jr in the role of Iron Man. Nolan then went on to say:

“And he has such charisma as Tony Stark. Him playing Iron Man is one of the most consequential casting decisions that’s ever been made in the history of the movie business.”

In an interview with The New York Times Magazine last summer, Downey Jr. himself was asked if he had any concerns about what effect playing Iron Man for 11 years might have on his acting, Downey replied:

“Yes. 100%, and I knew there was a point where Christopher Nolan was endorsing, let’s work those other muscles, but let’s do it while rendering you devoid of your usual go-to things.”

He also recently spoke to Rob Lowe’s Literally podcast last month and said that Tony Stark was some of the best acting of his career, but said:

“…it went a little bit unnoticed because of the genre.”

You can see this segment of the Nolan interview right here:

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