Whilst Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe initiative failed, one of the best things to come from that was Leigh Whannell’s 2020 revision of “The Invisible Man”.

Whannell offered a small-budgeted modern thriller take on the H.G. Wells classic, turning it into a tale of a woman (Elisabeth Moss) hounded by her seemingly invisible abusive ex-partner (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who was a genius in optics.

Aldis Hodge co-starred as the woman’s friend – a cop and single father raising a young girl (Storm Reid) who finds their home invaded by this invisible stalker on multiple occasions.

Pulling in $144.5 million from a $7 million budget, along with plenty of critical acclaim, a sequel seemed like a possibility. As time has gone on, that has dwindled but Hodge tells Screen Rant he’d be up to return if one were to be greenlit:

I haven’t heard any updates. I know people were talking about it, I was like, ‘Who’s gonna be the invisible person. Is it gonna be The Invisible Baby? Like what are we doing?’ No, I’m kidding. [Laughs]

If they did a sequel, I think that’d be awesome. Leigh Whannell is amazing, working with him was just fantastic, and his sort of knack for suspense and drawing that out.

I think he can write a play book on that, so if that was something — and Elisabeth Moss, she’s great. We had a really nice time on that, so yeah, if there was a sequel, I’m definitely down, but I haven’t heard any murmurings since.”

Whannell himself is already pursuing another Universal classic monster reinvention with a reboot of “The Wolf Man” for Blumhouse currently in the works.

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