Bethesda’s “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” video game, which released its first gameplay footage the other week during the Xbox Developer Direct event, looks to have reportedly settled on a release window.

The Verge reports that according to a source familiar with Microsoft’s plans, the company is targeting a December release for the title which will come to both Xbox and PC at that time.

They add that Bethesda is also considering bringing the title to PS5 after, following the new multi-platform approach reportedly emerging inside Microsoft as they consider which titles will remain exclusive and which will appear elsewhere.

They add that while the title will launch as an Xbox console exclusive, the period of exclusivity will be rather short with the PS5 release considered for some months later.

The outlet indicates timing and platform availability could change as Microsoft is still finalising its new multi-platform approach with “intense debate” going on internally over what titles could make the jump.

This follows in the wake of talk last month that “Sea of Thieves” and “Hi-Fi Rush” could go cross-platform soon, whilst earlier this afternoon a story emerged suggesting “Starfield” may do the same following the release of that title’s expansion pack.

It was revealed during the FTC v. Microsoft case that “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” was originally planned for multiple consoles before the Microsoft acquisition of Bethesda saw it turned into an Xbox console exclusive.

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