Back in September/October came reports that a third “Sicario” movie was in the works.

Producers Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill confirmed “Mission: Impossible” writer/director Christopher McQuarrie and “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan were creatively involved (in what way isn’t clear), they aimed to get a “shooting draft in order very soon”, and no director had yet been set.

The plan is to get stars Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro back in the lead roles as well, but what about filmmaker Denis Villeneuve? The helmer directed the first film back in 2015 but sat out the second which Stefano Sollima directed. Could he return?

It doesn’t sound like it. Speaking with The Playlist for one of his earliest “Dune: Part Two” press interviews, Villeneuve shot down talk of his involvement:

“Listen, Taylor Sheridan is one of my favorite screenwriters. If Taylor is writing a screenplay, I would be absolutely excited to see that on screen, [but] I have not heard about [a new script or project]. Nobody has talked to me about that. I’m just hearing about it now. I don’t know if thing this will happen, but if Taylor Sheridan is writing it, it’s going to be fantastic.”

Villeneuve said he is still debating what to do next with “Cleopatra,” “Rendezvous With Rama” and “Dune: Messiah” on the cards.

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