January is over. Spring will be here soon. As the seasons change, so our moods. However, as Outposters, we will always be in the mood to argue about movies.

So The Great Debate returns once more, and the hallowed halls of the Outpost will echo to the sound of Eggy Matt shouting at people, usually about James Gunn not being fit to lace Zack Snyder’s sneakers, or something.

“I tell you, Batman vs Superman is actually good, damn you!!”


We have already tackled remakes. Last month we asked you to debate the worst remake of all time, and you certainly did! Ghostbusters 2016 took a well deserved kicking, among others. This time around we are going to switch it up in the other direction. Simply:

What is the best remake of all time?

The ThingTrue GritScarfaceThe DepartedCape Fear… these are all remakes that are actually good. Some would say they are better than the originals. So remakes are not always a truly terrible idea. So which is it? Which remake soars? Throws off the mantle of the original and pushes on the even greater heights?

There is only one way to settle this…. FIGHT!

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