Actor Mads Mikkelsen recently reunited with “Hannibal” creator Bryan Fuller on the Budapest set of the upcoming movie “Dust Bunny”.

The project marks Fuller’s feature directorial debut and has Mikkelsen playing the neighbour of an eight-year-old girl who enlists his help to kill the monster under her bed that she believes ate her family.

Naturally, fans of their work on the acclaimed TV series have wondered if their time together led to any more of a possibility of a revival of the series based on the Thomas Harris novels.

Out promoting “The Promised Land” U.S. release recently, Business Insider asked if he and Fuller discussed it:

“It’s no secret that all of us who were part of the cast and Bryan, we all want to go back. It’s got to happen eventually sooner than later because we’re not getting any younger, right?

But the story itself can jump, it can have that gap, which is fine. So it’s all about finding a home for it, but that’s nothing concrete out there now.

Why that’s the case? I don’t know. We love the show and there seem to be a lot of other people liking it as well. But then I got the chance to work with him on ‘Dust Bunny,’ so I got a little whiff of the old times. He’s got a few ideas, Bryan. So I can’t really reveal any, in case we do start.”

Mikkelsen also says of all the franchise films he’s done, “Doctor Strange” was the most fun to shoot as “I got to do two things I love: doing magic and flying Kung Fu.” He adds he would have no problem reprising that role – even though his character died.

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