Though Apple and Amazon have gotten into the theatrical distribution model, Netflix is refusing to follow suit.

At present, several of their releases get limited theatrical runs – often for just a week or so (and usually for awards qualifying purposes) – per year.

Their biggest trials with exhibition usually happen in the fall, with “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” back in late 2022 and “Maestro” late last year. Otherwise they’ve yet to really do releases on the same level.

According to Netflix Chief Content Officer Bela Bajaria today, there are no plans to change that approach or increase the level of theatrical releases anytime soon.

Speaking at the press conference for the streamer’s 2024 slate, Bajaria says (via Yahoo):

“We’re the only real pure-play streamer and our members love films and they want to see films on Netflix. I think a lot of companies and business do theatrical and it’s a great business for them. It’s just not our business.

Our business is to make sure that members come to Netflix, they’re in the mood for a movie and they get that movie that they want to see and that is always going to be the focus for us: Making great movies for Netflix that members want to see.”

Netflix chairman and film boss Scott Stuber, a big believer in theatrical, is departing the streamer in March to launch a new media company dedicated to theatrical releases.

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